Windsor Cemetery, Windsor WI

Henrietta and Henry Gefke  
Huldah and Edward Gefke  
Mabel and Leonard Gefke  
Ruth and Louis Hahn  
Elmer and Edna Culver  
Windsor Cemetery  
Windsor Cemetery  
Ethel and Clement Gefke  

Village of Dover Cemetery

Located along Hwy 14 adjacent to the Dane/Iowa Cty line, this was a family burial plot for the family of Alanson Culver, a major landowner and prominent citizen of Dover during the 1850s and 1860s. The five known interments include his parents, John and Mary; his first wife, Abigal; his daughter, Frances J.; and Erastus B., son of his brother, John A.

Cal also posted this information to Find a Grave's Website.

Village of Dover Cemetery  
Village of Dover Cemetery (Mary Richter standing on left)  
John Culver  
Mary, wife of John Culver  
Erastus B., son of J.A. & C. Culver  
'MC' footstone for Mary Culver  
In Memory of Dover Pioneers...  
'EBC' footstone for Erastus Culver  
Abigal Culver  
Wife of Alanson Culver [Abigal]  
Abigal's grave with footstone  
Frances' grave with footstone  
Frances, daughter of E & A Culver  
Back side of Frances' stone  
Village of Dover Cemetery  
Village of Dover Cemetery  
Village of Dover Cemetery  
Village of Dover Cemetery  
Village of Dover Cemetery  

Old Helena Cemetery

Old Helena cemetery is across the road from Tower Hill State Park, and is the location of many Culver graves.

Once again, Cal posted these photos and more to Find a Grave's Website.

Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Maynard Culver  
Charles Culver  
Sophrona Oleson  
Raymond and Barbara Culver  
Loretta, wife of J. H. Saxton, and daughter Grace E  
Cemetery View  
Lottie May and Oscar Shaul  
Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Susan P Lloyd  
Robert Lloyd  
Margaret Lloyd  
Peter Lloyd  
Jennie Lloyd Mabbott  
Culver Section, with Dewitt Culver in foreground  
Mary Jane Culver  
Alvah Culver  
Dewitt Culver  
Catherine Culver, top of stone  
Catherine Culver, bottom of stone  
Alvah Culver?  
James W, Son of D.C. and M.A. Culver [Dewitt Clinton and Mary Ann (Donelly Hogan)]  
Joshua M, Son of A.& C. Culver [Alvah and Catherine]  
Willie J. son of D. W. & J. Culver [David W. and Jane (Mallalue)]  
Abbie A. wife of J.H. Saxton [Abigail Amanda (Culver)]  

Wyoming Valley Cemetery

Wyoming Valley Cemetery  
Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Cemetery View  
Jacob Basthemer  
Henry Levake  
Cemetery View  
Emily Culver  
Albert D and Libbie O Richardson  

Dickens Cemetery, Dickens, IA

George W. Culver (Uncle Toot)  
Harvey and Grace Culver  
Melissa Culver  

Button Cemetery (Richland County)

Crary Gene and Nellie (Culver) tombstone.jpg
Entrance to Button Cemetery  
Eugene and Martha Ellen (Nellie) Crary  

Spring Green Cemetery

Joseph and Orphia (Culver) Seiders (Spring Green Cemetery)  
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