EGC-LGL-001 Charles Sutcliffe Will

I Charles W Sutcliffe of the Town of Arena County of Iowa State of Wisconsin being of sound mind and memory and mindful of the uncertainties of human Life do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following Viz

First After the payment of my just Debts and Funeral expenses I give devise[?] and bequeath to my beloved Wife Sarah Ann Sutcliffe the whole of my estate both real and personal to her and her use so long as she lives and remains my Widow but in the event of her Marriage or at her Decease

Second Then and in that case I hereby give devise and bequeath to my ten children viz, Robert W Sutcliffe Joh H Sutcliffe Eliza Ann Sutcliffe George Sutcliffe Dean Sutcliffe Henrietta Sutcliffe Blakey H Siputcliffe Charles W Sutcliffe Mary E Sutcliffe and Maria Sutcliffe to them and to their Heirs forever the whole of my Estate both real and personal the same to be divided among them equally share and share alike as near as may be to them and theirs forever the Child or Children of a Deceased Child taking the share which his or their Parent would have taken of living

Third I hereby nominate and appoint and appoint my Son Robert W Sutcliffe Executor of this my last Will and Testament and I hereby revoke all former Wills by me made In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 5th day of January AD 1874 1875

Chas W. Sutcliffe

The within Instrument consisting of one sheet was signed published and declared by the said Testator to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have signed our names at his request as Witnesses in his presence and in presence of each other

Samuel Murrisk[?] Mazzo Mamie
Charles Cork Mazzo Mamie
William Powell Mazzo Mamie

EGC-LGL-005 Sutcliffe, RW Notice of Auction

Auction Sale>

Having leased my farm for a term of years I will sell at public auction at my residence on the farm six miles southeast of Arena and nine miles north of Barneveld, on

THURSDAY, DEC. 16, 1915,

commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the following property to wit:

Thirty-eight head of high grade Holstein cattle, consisting of 19 choice [?]ch cows, all to reshen in the spring; [?] three-year-old heifers; 8 yearling heifers; 3 work horses.

Six brood sows, 30 shoats, 100 chickens.

Farm Machinery, Grain, Etc.&emdash;Grain binder, 2 corn binders, mower, side deilvery rake, hayloader, disc harrow, four-section pounder harrow, two-section steel harrow, two-row cultivator, 2 one-row cultivators, set bobsleigh, 3 farm wagons, 3 buggies, milk wagon, 12 h. p. gasoline engine, cream separator and line shaft, pump jack, grain drill, corn planter, gang plow, sod plow, stubble plow, 3 set work harness, 2 set single harness, set carpenter tools, John Barns hand circular rip saw, scroll saw, 2 hog racks, hayrack, manure spreader, corn sheller, scales, a lot of household furniture, 500 bu. of choice seed oats, some barley, about 50 ton of tame hay, large stock of oat straw, and 1,000 other articles.

Warm Lunch at Noon,

Terms of Sale&emdash;All sums of $10 or under, cash; on sums over that amount one year's time will be given on bankable notes bearing seven per cent interest.

R. W. Sutcliffe.
D. D. Shea, auctioneer.
S. W. Dawson, clerk. 12-3w2*

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