The Edna G. Culver Family Papers Death collection consists largely of obituaries clipped from various newspapers, together with a small handful of other documents.

EGC-DTH-001 Anacker, Adella
EGC-DTH-002 Anacker, Alice
EGC-DTH-003 Batz, Clemens 01
EGC-DTH-004 Batz, Clemens 02
EGC-DTH-005 Batz, Ruth Hahn
EGC-DTH-006 Bruns, Darwin
EGC-DTH-007 Bruns, Edith May
EGC-DTH-008 Crounse, Donald
EGC-DTH-009 Cullen, James
EGC-DTH-010 Culver, Abbie 1
EGC-DTH-011 Culver, Abbie 2
EGC-DTH-012 Culver, DeWit C
EGC-DTH-013 Culver, Earl
EGC-DTH-014 Culver, Elmer
EGC-DTH-015 Culver, George C
EGC-DTH-016 Culver, Mamie
EGC-DTH-017 Culver, Mamie
EGC-DTH-018 Culver, Margaret Ellen (Lloyd) 1
EGC-DTH-019 Culver, Margaret Ellen (Lloyd) 2
EGC-DTH-020 Culver, Mary Ann (Donnely) 1
EGC-DTH-021 Culver, Mary Ann (Donnely) 2
EGC-DTH-022 Culver, Nellie 1
EGC-DTH-023 Culver, Nellie 2
EGC-DTH-024 Culver, Raymond 1
EGC-DTH-025 Culver, Raymond 2
EGC-DTH-026 Culver, Raymond 3
EGC-DTH-027 Culver, Raymond 4
EGC-DTH-028 Culver, Raymond 5
EGC-DTH-029 Daley, Ruth B
EGC-DTH-030 Davies, Maria (Sutcliffe) 1
EGC-DTH-031 Davies, Maria (Sutcliffe) 2
EGC-DTH-032 Davies, Maria (Sutcliffe) 3
EGC-DTH-033 Davies, Orren S 1
EGC-DTH-034 Davies, Orren S 2
EGC-DTH-035 Davies, Orren S., Mrs-03
EGC-DTH-036 Davies, Orren S., Mrs 2-01
EGC-DTH-037 Davies, Orren S., Mrs 2-02
EGC-DTH-038 Davies, Wilma C
EGC-DTH-039 Doane, Andrew
EGC-DTH-040 Enerson, Harvey
EGC-DTH-041 Enerson, Myrtle
EGC-DTH-042 Evenson, Even, Mrs.
EGC-DTH-043 Gafke, Arthur 1
EGC-DTH-044 Gafke, Arthur 2
EGC-DTH-045 Gafke, Arthur 3
EGC-DTH-046 Gafke, Arthur 4
EGC-DTH-047 Gafke, Arthur 5
EGC-DTH-048 Gafke, PJ
EGC-DTH-049 Gafke, Ronald L
EGC-DTH-050 Gafke, Tena K 01
EGC-DTH-051 Gafke, Tena K 02
EGC-DTH-052 Gafke, Unknown
EGC-DTH-053 Gafke, William J 01
EGC-DTH-054 Gafke, William J 02
EGC-DTH-055 Gefke, Amanda
EGC-DTH-056 Gefke, Edward 02
EGC-DTH-057 Gefke, Edward 03
EGC-DTH-058 Gefke, Edward 04
EGC-DTH-059 Gefke, Edward 05
EGC-DTH-060 Gefke, Edward J 01
EGC-DTH-061 Gefke, Henrietta 01
EGC-DTH-062 Gefke, Henrietta 02
EGC-DTH-063 Gefke, Henrietta 03
EGC-DTH-064 Gefke, Henrietta 04
EGC-DTH-065 Gefke, Henry 01
EGC-DTH-066 Gefke, Henry 02
EGC-DTH-067 Gefke, Henry 03
EGC-DTH-068 Gefke, Henry 04
EGC-DTH-069 Gefke, Henry 05
EGC-DTH-070 Gefke, Henry 06
EGC-DTH-071 Gefke, Huldah (Johnson) 01
EGC-DTH-072 Gefke, Huldah (Johnson) 02
EGC-DTH-073 Gefke, Huldah (Johnson) 03
EGC-DTH-074 Gefke, Leonard 01
EGC-DTH-075 Gefke, Leonard 02
EGC-DTH-076 Gefke, Leonard 03
EGC-DTH-077 Gefke, Mabel (Schimming) 01
EGC-DTH-078 Gefke, Mabel (Schimming) 02
EGC-DTH-079 Gefke, Mabel (Schimming) 03
EGC-DTH-080 Gefke, Mabel (Schimming) 04
EGC-DTH-081 Gefke, Pat 01
EGC-DTH-082 Gefke, Pat 02
EGC-DTH-083 Gefke, Pat 03
EGC-DTH-084 Gefke, Robert 01
EGC-DTH-085 Gefke, Robert 2
EGC-DTH-086 Gefke, Thelma K
EGC-DTH-087 Gloege, Elmer
EGC-DTH-088 Gould, Luella (Gafke) 02
EGC-DTH-089 Gould, Luella H (Gafke) 01
EGC-DTH-090 Hahn, Louis 01
EGC-DTH-091 Hahn, Louis H 02
EGC-DTH-092 Hahn, Louis H 03
EGC-DTH-093 Hull, Ella 1
EGC-DTH-094 Hull, Ella 2
EGC-DTH-095 Hull, Ella 3
EGC-DTH-096 Hull, Ella 4
EGC-DTH-097 Hull, Lawrence
EGC-DTH-098 Johnson, Ruth E (LeGreid)
EGC-DTH-099 Karow, Edmund
EGC-DTH-100 Kaseman, Milbert L
EGC-DTH-101 Knight, Mary (McKinney)
EGC-DTH-102 Lampert, Harold
EGC-DTH-103 Lampman, Stephen
EGC-DTH-104 Lerdahl, Nels
EGC-DTH-105 Libby, Gordon
EGC-DTH-106 Lyster, Peder
EGC-DTH-107 McKenzie, Keith
EGC-DTH-108 McKenzie, Rachel (Davies)
EGC-DTH-109 Olson, Lucinda M (Gafke) 02
EGC-DTH-110 Olson, Lucinda M (Gafke)
EGC-DTH-111 Pike, Jennie (Culver)
EGC-DTH-112 Quitzo, Paul
EGC-DTH-113 Rein, Cora (Schleimer)
EGC-DTH-114 Sather, Cordelia (Crabtree)
EGC-DTH-115 Schimming, Alvina Bertha
EGC-DTH-116 Schimming, Alvina
EGC-DTH-117 Schimming, Arthur
EGC-DTH-118 Schulz, Elmer
EGC-DTH-119 Seiders, Orphia (Culver)
EGC-DTH-120 Sutcliffe, Charles 1
EGC-DTH-120 Sutcliffe, Charlie V. 1
EGC-DTH-121 Sutcliffe, Charles 2
EGC-DTH-122 Sutcliffe, Irene
EGC-DTH-123 Sutcliffe, Louise (Marquardt)
EGC-DTH-124 Sutcliffe, Robert Henry
EGC-DTH-125 Sutcliffe, Robert
EGC-DTH-126 Swalem, Ida B
EGC-DTH-127 Taylor, Frank
EGC-DTH-128 Turnell, Osborne
EGC-DTH-129 Unknown Minnie
EGC-DTH-130 Wallace, AT, Rev
EGC-DTH-131 Wallace, Edna (DuMeresq)
EGC-DTH-132 Wilkinson, Colin W
EGC-DTH-133 Wilkinson, Colin, Mrs (Gafke)
EGC-DTH-134 Williams, Maynard
EGC-DTH-135 Williams, Sarah (Sutcliffe)
EGC-DTH-136 Williamson, Fred